Mexican corn with cilantro, chipotle & Parmesan cheese #180

Mexican corn is quite a new discovery for me but I fell in love at first bite. I have never had it in Mexico but got to try some in California this summer and have been trying to reproduce the same experience here in Sweden since then. 

I can´t say I´ve come close enough to what I had in California but it still is a great tasting corn. Luckily we are in the middle of the season for fresh corn here so there are plenty to get in the stores for everyone to enjoy.

I parboil the corn and then brush it with a little bit of oil, grill it and then smear it with a combination of mayonnaise, sour cream and cilantro and then grate Parmesan cheese and sprinkle a little bit of salt and ground chipotle on top. Serve some lime wedges on the side. This is my version of Mexican so far, hope you´ll like it!

Mexican corn with cilantro, chipotle & Parmesan cheese

fresh corn
vegetable oil
sour cream
fresh cilantro
ground chipotle
Parmesan cheese

Remove the outer leafs of the corn and then parboil for half a minute, brush with vegetable oil and a little bit of salt and then grill on high heat. Combine equal parts sour cream and mayonnaise and add chopped cilantro and a pinch of salt. 

Once the corn is grilled smear it with the cream and put on a plate and then grate Parmesan cheese on top. Chop some more cilantro and add with some ground chipotle on top. Serve warm with lime wedges on the side, good luck!


Eggs and soused herring on crisp bread #179

Eggs and soused herring on crisp bread? Well this is a very Swedish appetizer that is commonly served on Smörgåsbord, Christmas and Easter but can and are served year round. The main ingredients are soused herring that is a mainly Scandinavian type of pickled herring (read more on it here), boiled eggs, chives and red onion. The Swedish name for this type of herring is "Matjsesill" but you can also use Swedish anchovies that is called "Ansjovis" this is however very different from the Mediterranean anchovies.

Now for the name, it´s called "Gubbröra" in Swedish which pretty much translates to "Old man´s mess", not that mouth watering for your weekend appetizer is it? Well that is why I called it eggs and soused herring on toast. 

Now for the ingredients, there are loads of variations on this dish, some use soft boiled eggs, mayonnaise, creme fraiche, sour cream, different types of onions and even other herbs like dill. The recipe below is my version of it so feel free to experiment with the flavors.

I like to serve it on a crisp bread that is common in Sweden called "Knäckebröd", it´s a non sweet crispy bread mostly served for breakfast or instead of fresh bread for soups or smaller dishes. If you can´t find any then a dark rye bread is good as well.

Eggs and soused herring on crisp bread

I usually don´t write measurements for my recipes but since you most likely haven´t got a clue I will this time, I written the ingredients in parts form so use as much as you plan on serving.

8 parts boiled chopped eggs
4 parts chopped soused herring (discarded from the pickling liquid)
1 part chopped red onion
1 part chopped chives
1 part mayonnaise
1 part creme fraiche
Crisp bread or rye bread for serving

Combine all ingredients, season with pepper, if you think it´s lacking salt then use the picking liquid from the herring instead of regular salt.


Smoked salmon with horseradish cream, chive oil, dill, radish #178

Smoked salmon can be used in so many ways so if you get stuck in your cooking and need to come up with something new then getting some smoked salmon might be a good idea, it is very versatile and can be used for pastas, garnish soups, appetizers, pizza and sandwiches. This time I was in the mood for a fresh spring or summer appetizer so I made a horseradish cream, added a simple chive oil, a bit of dill and to add some crunch some raw radishes, that´s all it need!

Smoked salmon with horseradish cream, leek oil, dill, radish

smoked salmon
creme fraiche
fresh chives
olive oil
salt, pepper

Peel and grate the horseradish and combine with some creme fraiche, I use about 1 part horseradish to 6 parts creme fraiche, season with salt and pepper. Leave to rest for about one hour to two hours. Do not add any extra horseradish if you think it is to bland because the flavor will get stronger after marinating.

In a blender mix the chives with a little bit of olive oil, salt and pepper, wash and cut the radishes into thin strips. Add the smoked salmon to a plate, add the horseradish cream, chive oil, some dill and the radishes, serve!


Cevichè with tomatoes, cod and holy basil #177

Cevichè is always a good idea but an even better idea once it´s hot outside, I have made a few variations of Cevichè here before but this time I added some tomatoes, this gives the dish a bit more sweet taste and almost resembles an Gazpacho (that I also made a few, link is below) that I think worked really good.

As always choose the freshest fish you can find and spend a little extra, as usual you´re only serving tapas so the cost won´t be too big anyway, good luck. For some other Cevichè recipes check out my previous Shrimp cevichè with mango or Cod cevichè with blood orange and chives.

For the gazpacho i recommend my Gazpacho salad or my Green gazpacho with cream cheese, happy cooking!

Cevichè with tomatoes, cod and holy basil

fresh cod
holy basil
olive oil
lime juice
salt, black pepper
spring onions
red chili

Dice the cod and tomatoes and combine, add lime juice, salt, pepper and sliced spring onions and chili and let marinate for half an hour. Roughly chop the holy basil and add to the fish, season with salt and pepper and let sit for another half hour. Before serving check the taste and adjust flavors if necessary.


Cod with Italian Salsiccia & tomatoes #176

Cod is an amazing fish, especially if you can get your hand on a big one, or at least a piece of a big one. This one is a small piece of the loin or back of the cod. The price is usually higher for the bigger ones but so is the quality so if you want the best you´ll need to spend a bit extra. 

I think cod is a great fish to serve with a bit more meatier sides like bacon, red wine sauces or like in this recipe a quick ragu with Italian Sasiccia and chopped tomatoes. It´s a bit rustic dish that suites the cod perfect.I pre-salted the cod a few hours before, this will make the fish a bit firmer. 

The ragu is simply diced raw Italian Salsiccia that is fried in a pan and then cooked with some fresh chopped tomatoes into a ragu. The Salsiccia was seasoned with fennel and garlic so if you can´t find a Salsiccia with that flavor you could add some crushed fennel seeds and a clove of garlic. 

The recipe can also be varied in many ways and of course served as a main course. Why not replace the fish for halibut, pork loin or maybe the Salsiccia for Spanish Chorizo.

Cod with Italian Salsiccia & tomatoes

fresh loin of cod
raw Italian Salsiccia
olive oil
salt, pepper

Cut the cod in serving size pieces, salt them and leave in the fridge for about two hours. Dice the Salsicca and tomatoes. Add the Salsiccia to a pan and add a little bit of olive oil and cook until they are done, about 5-10 minutes. Add the tomatoes and lower the heat to low and let it cook for about 15 minutes. Add a bit of water if it gets to dry, season with salt and pepper. Chop the parsley and add to the ragu.

Take the cod and pad dry with paper and then cook skin side first in olive oil. Once they have a golden colour on the skin remove and finish cooking in the oven on medium heat. Serve. Good luck.