Former Swedish chef now working in the food industry. Since leaving the restaurant business I felt I needed somewhere to still be doing some actual cooking and since I also have a huge interest in design and photography starting a blog seemed like a good idea.

I chose to write the blog in english to be able to improve my english skills so there might be spelling errors every once in a while.

The Blog
Delicious Tapas is all about serving food in bite sizes. I also assume that you know something about cooking so the recipes aren´t very detailed. If you need more instructions please leave a comment or send me an e-mail and hopefully I can help. 

All recipes can of course be served in any size you like, a lot of them is great sides or even mains.

I do like stuff to be free online, this includes Delicious Tapas but I would like to be informed first. I usually allow the usage of both photos and recipes but do ask before.


  1. I am sad that there have not been any new posts this past year. This is hands down one of my favorite food blogs. Beautifully simple with incredible flavor! One of my favorites is the beef broth with egg and truffle, delicious. I hope you continue again at some point!

  2. Thank you so much Liesbeth, I haven't stopped but more moved on to my new site www.ateriet.com take a look there if you want to. There are more than recipes there (even some greatest hits from here) and much more things about food.