Cod carpaccio with capers & red onion # 74

Cod carpaccio with capers & red onion

fresh cod fillet
red onion
olive oil
lemon juice
black pepper

Slice the cod in thin slices, salt the cod and squeeze over some lemon juice. Let marinate for about 20 minutes. Finely dice the red onion and cut the parsley into a fine julienne. Arrange the cod on a plate and add the onion, new lemon juice, salt, olive oil, parsley and capers. Serve immediately.


Vietnamese spring rolls with sesame seeds & soy dipping sauce # 73

Vietnamese spring rolls works great as a tapas or appetizer, fill it with whatever you like. These ones are filled with cucumber, paprika, spring onion and roasted sesame seeds but feel free to add or replace any of it. Most fillings work fine but crunchy vegetables and shellfish are my favorites.

Vietnamese spring rolls with sesame seeds & soy dipping sauce

Vietnamese spring roll paper
spring onion
sesame seeds
sweet chili sauce
Japanese soy
sesame oil

Cut the vegetables lengthwise, roast the sesame seeds in a dry pan until golden. Combine the vegetables with a little bit of sesame oil and the seeds. 

Dip the spring roll paper one at the time in almost boiling water, remove and place on a cutting board. Place the vegetables in the center of the paper and carefully roll the paper around the vegetables. Using a sharp knife trim the edges of the roll and cut the roll into bite size pieces. Combine sweet chili sauce with a dash of soy and some sesame seeds. 


Slow cooked leg of lamb with potato cream #72

This recipe is a great way to serve lamb, I used a leg because that what I happened to get a hold of but any piece that´s great for slow cooking works fine, it´s also great for beef as well.

Slow cooked leg of lamb with potato cream

a leg of lamb
red wine
beef stock
shallot onion
salt, pepper
bay leaves

Season the lamb with salt and pepper and roast in a pan until browned all around. Put the lamb in a pot and add all the remaning ingredients. Make sure the lamb is covered and let simmer until tender. Take out the meat and reduce the liquid until it´s getting slightly thicker. Season to taste. Remove the bone from the meat.

Potato cream
salt, pepper

Peel the potatoes and boil in salted water until ready, discard the water and pure the potatoes with loads of butter and cream, season with salt and pepper. You´re only serving a spoonful so use way more cream and butter than you would if this was a main course, the cream should be thinner than usual and have a very rich taste.

Shallot onion
salt, pepper

Peel and split the onions lengthwise, roast in butter with the cut side down until cooked through.


Crayfish salad with dill on toast #71

Well as far as crayfish go it doesn´t get much easier than this, boiled crayfish tails with mayonnaise, fresh chopped dill and a splash of lemon juice.

Crayfish salad with dill on toast

boiled crayfish tails
fresh dill
lemon juice
salt, pepper

Combine the crayfish with the mayonnaise, use about one part mayonnasie for three parts crayfish, add the roughly chopped dill and some lemon juice. Toast the bread and cut into triangles and add the salad.


Nürnberger sausage with fennel coleslaw & mustard #70

The Nürnberger sausage is a small almost white German sausage that dates back all the way to 1313. It´s usually small and you´ll need to serve three or four of them for a main course. I usually serve them together with other meats as well like roasted chicken or with other sausages. Since it´s small in size it´s great to serve as a tapas.

The Nürnberger is protected be EU-law and it must be produced in Nürnberg to have to right to be called a Nürnberger, but don´t worry this recipe works with most sausages with a good pork taste.

Nürnberger sausage with fennel coleslaw & mustard

Nürnberger sausages
lemon juice
salt, pepper
cracked mustard seeds

With a potato peeler shave the fennel into thin slices, add a few drops of lemon juice and mayonnaise, combine and season with salt and pepper.

Fry the sausages in a pan, serve a spoonful of coleslaw with one sausage and sprinkle with cracked mustard seeds.


Roasted celeriac, egg and truffle salami #69

Roasted celeriac, egg and truffle salami

olive oil
truffle salami, cut to stripes
salt, pepper

Peel and cut the celeriac into a cube, cook the celeriac on medium heat in a frying pan with butter, salt and pepper. Make sure each side is golden brown, let cook in owen on medium heat until soft all the way through.

Scramble eggs in butter, season with salt and pepper, take out the celeriac and plate. Add the scrambled eggs and add the salami. Toss the arugula in some olive oil and a dash of vinegar and add to the plate.


Broccoli stems with soy & holy basil # 68

Broccoli stems with soy & holy basil

japanese soy
holy basil
chili oil
black pepper
fresh ginger
bonito powder (optional)

Cut a stem of a broccoli into a rectangular shape, peel the stalk and the slice it thin using a potato peeler. Combine equal amounts of japanese soy and honey, season with a little bit of bonito powder. 

Peel and cut the ginger into small dices and add to the soy and honey. Marinate the broccoli with a few drops of the soysauce for a few minutes, this will make the stems softer but it will still have a nice crunch.

Arrange the stems on a plate and pour over the soysauce, add black pepper and a few drops of chili oil 
and  holy basil.


Caesar salad with arugula & langoustine #67

Caesar salad with arugula & langoustine

This is a small caesar salad but I´ve replaced the lettuce for arugula for a bit more spice and it´s lightly dressed, what you´re looking for is a bit fresher salad but still with the classic taste. I left out the croutons and  added a cooked langoustine tail that goes really well with a salad.

Caesar dressing
2 anchovy fillets
1 egg yolk
1 clove of garlic
1/2 cup neutral oil, for example rapeseed oil
lemon juice, salt, pepper
olive oil
1-2 tablespoons of grated parmesan cheese

In a blender mix egg yolk, anchovy and garlic. Slowly add the oil until the dressing is thick. Season with salt, pepper and lemon juice. Finally mix in the parmesan cheese. Add a few drops of water to thin out the dressing, it should be a bit thinner than ordinary.

arugula salad
parmesan, shaved
black pepper
langoustine tails

Dress the arugula and plate, add the langoustine, add the shaved parmesan and season with black pepper.


Manchego with honey & pumpkin seeds # 66

Manchego with honey & pumpkin seeds 

Simple and great way to eat cheese, this recipe works great for other types of cheese as well so feel free to exchange the manchego for pecorino, parmiggiano or other hard salty varieties.

Manchego cheese
olive oil
balsamic vinegar
pumpkin seeds
black pepper

Slice the cheese in bite size pieces, combine honey with olive oil and vinegar. Toast the pumpkin seeds in a dry pan until golden. Add some salt and black pepper.