Broccoli stems with soy & holy basil # 68

Broccoli stems with soy & holy basil

japanese soy
holy basil
chili oil
black pepper
fresh ginger
bonito powder (optional)

Cut a stem of a broccoli into a rectangular shape, peel the stalk and the slice it thin using a potato peeler. Combine equal amounts of japanese soy and honey, season with a little bit of bonito powder. 

Peel and cut the ginger into small dices and add to the soy and honey. Marinate the broccoli with a few drops of the soysauce for a few minutes, this will make the stems softer but it will still have a nice crunch.

Arrange the stems on a plate and pour over the soysauce, add black pepper and a few drops of chili oil 
and  holy basil.

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