Slow cooked leg of lamb with potato cream #72

This recipe is a great way to serve lamb, I used a leg because that what I happened to get a hold of but any piece that´s great for slow cooking works fine, it´s also great for beef as well.

Slow cooked leg of lamb with potato cream

a leg of lamb
red wine
beef stock
shallot onion
salt, pepper
bay leaves

Season the lamb with salt and pepper and roast in a pan until browned all around. Put the lamb in a pot and add all the remaning ingredients. Make sure the lamb is covered and let simmer until tender. Take out the meat and reduce the liquid until it´s getting slightly thicker. Season to taste. Remove the bone from the meat.

Potato cream
salt, pepper

Peel the potatoes and boil in salted water until ready, discard the water and pure the potatoes with loads of butter and cream, season with salt and pepper. You´re only serving a spoonful so use way more cream and butter than you would if this was a main course, the cream should be thinner than usual and have a very rich taste.

Shallot onion
salt, pepper

Peel and split the onions lengthwise, roast in butter with the cut side down until cooked through.

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