Foie gras paté with rosehip jam & bread # 47

Foie gras have been a subject of some controversy the last few years, I won´t go into that discussion, everyone gets to set their own standards on whats ok or not. What is under no debate is that the taste is amazing so here´s a super simple recipe that still has everything it needs.

Foie gras paté with rosehip jam & bread

Foie gras paté
Rosehip jam

Well it won´t get any easier than this but who says you have to do everything yourself, simply cut and toast the bread, cut a generous piece of paté and put on each piece of bread. Top with a spoonful of rosehip jam.

If you can´t find the jam then just replace it with your favourite, other great flavors is fig, apple, pear for example. Good luck.

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