Oyster with grapefruit, onion, chili & chives # 61

Oyster with grapefruit, onion, chili & chives

fresh oysters
pink grapefruit
red onion
lemon juice
chili flakes

Open the oyster and place on some salt or crushed ice to keep it standing. Cut filets from the grapefruit and cut into dices. Slice onion and chives. Add grapefruit, onion, chives and some chili flakes to the oyster. Finally squeeze some fresh lemon juice on top. Serve immediately.

If you prefer warm oysters the try my version of the classic Rockefeller oyster.


  1. Great pictures ! The chili flakes must give an interesting kick to the oyester. Thanks for the recipe

  2. It worked out great, just a hint of heat in the end was perfect.

  3. YUM, these look just incredible! What fantastic flavors to pair with oysters. And gorgeous photos, too!