French fries with truffle mayonnaise #116

If you haven´t done home made french fries before you really should give it a try, it´s not very difficult. If you´re own a deep frier then there´s no problem at all. If not you can deep fry in a big pot, but make sure to use a thermometer to be able to control the temperature. If you´re feeling insecure about frying in a pot then don´t do it because it can get dangerous. Instead you can roast the fries in an oven, not quite as tasty but still good enough.

For this recipe I use a quicker version of Heston Blumenthals three day fries but I´ve shortened each so you won´t have to spend three days waiting for some fries. 

French fries with truffle mayonnaise

neutral oil for frying, I use rapeseed oil but use your favourite
egg yolks
Dijon mustard
red wine vinegar
salt, pepper
neutral oil for the mayonnaise
olive oil
truffle oil
black truffles (optional)

Cut the potatoes into fries, i like mine thin and crispy but cut them to your liking. Leave the skin on. Rinse the cut potatoes in cold water and then parboil until almost done. Remove from the water and let cool in the fridge for about one hour.

Meanwhile start making the mayonnaise, combine egg yolk, Dijon mustard and the vinegar in a bowl and whisk, carefully add the oil a little bit at the time, remember to whisk during the entire process. When it´s thick enough season with salt, pepper, truffle oil, olive oil and some grated or diced truffle.

Fry the fries on low temperature without letting them get any colour until they are cooked through. Remove and chill again for 1-2 hours. You can prepare these two steps the day before and then fry the fries before serving.

Fry the fries until golden on high temperature, remove and salt. Serve with the truffle mayonnaise.

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