Grated potato pancakes with bleak roe, sour cream and onions #117

This dish is well known in Sweden and are called "Rårakor" and they are absolutely fabulous. They are usually served at restaurants with roe, sour cream and freshly chopped onions the way I do in this recipe.

They can also be served as a rustic main course with salted fried pork and lingonberries that´s an truly amazing dish and if you´re ever in Sweden it´s a must try. This way with the roe is however a bit more elegant and I think it´s better suited as a tapas or appetizer.

For the roe I used a cheaper bleak roe which is fine but the king of roe is the Kalix bleak roe from the north of Sweden which I think is the beast one in the world, Russian and Iranian caviar included. The Kalix one has smaller eggs and is more red in color and the flavor is more elegant, once again if you get a chance to try it don´t hesitate.

Grated potato pancakes with bleak roe, sour cream and onions

salt, pepper
red onion
sour cream or creme fraiche
bleak roe

Chop the chives and red onion and combine. If the roe is very wet you need to let it drip of some of the liquid. Put it in a coffee filter and let it drip of for an hour or two. You want it to be dry enough to be able to shape an egg using a wet spoon.

Peel the potatoes, melt butter in an pan on medium heat. Grate the potato and put a spoonful of potato in the butter for each pancake, flatten it out into a pancake and fry until golden, season with salt and pepper. Flip the pancake and fry until golden on the other side. Plate the sour cream, onions and roe and put the pancake on the side. Serve immediately.

The pancake should be crispy on both sides but not all the way through. If you´ve never tried this before then make a few practice ones before your guests arrive so they will be great when it´s time for serving.


  1. Wow, this blog is simply AMAZING. Thank you for all the gorgeous photos and innovative recipes!

  2. Had Kalix bleak roe for the first time last weekend, and it blew my mind. Seriously the most explosive dish I've ever had. Haven't tried it with rårakor, but definitely will. Thanks for the inspiration.