Black cabbage with lemon, Parmesan & roasted garlic #122

Black cabbage or Nero di Toscana as it´s also known as is an Italian dark green cabbage that it packed with flavor and has a great texture. Serving cabbage on it´s own is not something you see that often but it taste really good so give it a try. 

The secret behind almost all great tasting cabbage recipes is a healthy dose of butter and salt and that goes for this recipe as well. And of course this is great as a side dish to both fish or meat dishes. 

Black cabbage with lemon, Parmesan & roasted garlic

black cabbage, nero di Toscano
Parmesan cheese
olive oil
salt, pepper

Rinse and remove the thickest end piece of each leaf on the cabbage, the stem of smaller leafs are ok to eat, take a bite of a raw one and you will feel how much you need to take off. Peel and slice the garlic and heat some olive oil in a pan, add the garlic and let it get soft in the olive oil. 

Add the cabbage and butter and roast the cabbage until soft. Season with salt and pepper. Put the cabbage on a plate and squeeze lemon juice on top and grate some olive oil on top. Serve warm.

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