Whipped ricotta cheese with prosciutto, fresh figs & truffle honey #123

Whipped ricotta is a great way to serve cheese, all you do is whip it until it´s creamy an smooth, you may need to add a bit of cream or milk. Another good thing about ricotta is that you can easily sweeten the cheese and use it as a base for desserts for example with marinated fresh fruit.

Whipped ricotta cheese with prosciutto, fresh figs & truffle honey

ricotta cheese
olive oil
truffle honey
salt, pepper
cress (for decoration, optional)

Put the ricotta cheese in a bowl and whisk it with a electric whisk until it´s creamy and smooth, add a bit of milk if necessary. Put a spoonful of the ricotta on a plate, add the prosciutto and the figs. Add the olive oil, salt and pepper and a little bit of truffle honey on the ricotta. If you can´t find truffle honey you can add a little bit of truffle oil into the olive oil or if you´re not into truffle you can skip it, it will still be a great meal. Decorate the plate with some cress or any other mild herb you like.


  1. Just looking at this picture I would guess that you're a professional chef. Such clean beautiful plating and truffle honey!? Who knew there was such a product!

  2. Looks delicious! I agree with Christine's comment above: I would have said this was straight from a chef's cookbook or something, so professional!

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