Crab claws with aioli & salt #89

Not much to it, if you can´t find raw crab claws then it´s fine to use cooked if you have a good place to buy shellfish, and if you´re feeling extra lazy go ahead and buy the aioli as well. If not the follow the recipe below.

Crab claws with aioli & salt

raw crab claws
dill (optional)

People like to put beer, sugar and all sorts of things in the water when they cook shellfish, I prefer salt, water and dill. Bring water to the boil, salt it and if you´re using dill then add it. Taste the water, it should have about the same saltiness as sea water. When the water is boiling add the claws and bring the water to boil again. Then remove from heat and let cool in the water. You can serve them warm or cold.

Now time for aioli, you´ll need

egg yolk
Dijon mustard
neutral oil for example grape seed or rapeseed oil
salt, pepper

I use half a teaspoon of mustard and a small clove of garlic for each egg yolk but adjust according to taste. Whisk the egg yolks with the mustard, vinegar and crushed garlic, add some salt and pepper right away. Add the oil slowly and whisk during the whole process, stop adding oil when the aioli is thick enough. Season with mustard, garlic, vinegar, salt and pepper according to taste. Good luck!

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