Smashed peas with mint on toast #87

This is a great tapas for any summer occasion, very easy to do and you´ll be surprised of how many who haven´t tried it. If you´re can get a hold of fresh peas that´s great but frozen peas are one of the true heroes of any freezer and works just as good. Fresh mint is however a must.

Smashed peas with mint on toast

olive oil
salt, pepper
fresh mint

Bring water to boil with some salt, when boiling add the peas and simmer for about a minute, discard the water, add a knob of butter and some olive oil and blend the peas with a few leafs of mint for a couple of seconds, you don´t want the peas to be to finely blended. A few whole peas is fine and makes the texture more interesting. Season the puré with salt and pepper.

Toast or grill the bread and put a spoonful of peas on top with some extra pieces of mint and salt.

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