Deep fried frog legs with herb cream #91

Serving frog legs could be a bit risky so make sure your guest are willing to feast on a few frogs before you get started. I bought these frog legs frozen so they require a bit of trimming. But they taste great and is not an acquired taste as a lot of other unusual food tend to be.

Deep fried frog legs with herb cream

frog legs
wheat flour
panko (Asian bread crumbs, could be replaced for regular bread crumbs)
salt, pepper
oil for deep frying

Cut away each frog leg from the spine of the frog which is usually still on if you´re got frozen frog legs. Cut away the top of the leg and trim away the meat that sits on the lower piece of the leg. This should leave a clean bone with the thick piece of meat left on. Trim the rest of the legs, the small pieces that gets trimmed of can also be fried but I didn´t for this dish.

Dip the legs in wheat flour and season with salt and pepper, whisk the egg and then dip the legs in the egg and finally in the panko bread, make sure the meat is completely covered with panko.

Deep fry the legs in a fryer or a pan with oil until golden, check that the legs are cooked through.

Herb cream

mixed fresh herbs, for example parsley, chives, dill, spinach
creme fraiche
salt, pepper
olive oil

Mix the herbs with some olive oil and the garlic into a thick herb paste, combine with half creme fraiche and half mayonnaise, season with salt and pepper. Good luck.

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