5 great egg recipes served as Tapas!

Eggs are one of my favorite ingredients, you can use it in endless ways and it´s both great tasting and looking. I´ve selected my five favorite tapas recipes where the egg is the focus of the dish. I really like to serve eggs as the main part of a snack dish since the size is usually great for one egg for each serving and you can add so many great things.

So expect more egg recipes to be coming to Delicious Tapas shortly, until then here are my favorites so far.
Under each photo there are a link that will get you to more photos and the recipe, good luck and enjoy.

Starting simple with boiled eggs with mayonnaise, shrimps and dill.
Eggs with shrimps and dill

Scrambled eggs in the shell with truffle oil and croutons.

Grilled onion, parsnip puré and olive oil poached egg yolk.

Scrambled eggs with dill marinated crayfish and sour cream.

Soft boiled egg with broad beans and shrimps.

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