Poached rhubarb with blue cheese #165

Serving blue cheese with something sweet like jam or sweet berries is always a good idea, it works great with the fat and salty taste from the cheese. I used fresh rhubarb for this recipe, try to get small ones since their skin is thin enough to chew through, the bigger stalks usually need to be peeled and even though it will still taste good you will loose a lot of the beautiful color.

For the cheese i recommend a Roquefort, you won´t be using a lot since these tapas are served in extra small servings so spend a little bit extra on the cheese if you can. The cracker is an unsweetened rye one with less salt than traditional cheese crackers. I do prefer this kind since the cheese is very salty it brings a great balance but you can of course replace it with your favorite kind.

Also if you don´t have time to poach rhubard then head over to my previous cheese servings like Fresh dates with blue cheese or Roquefort cheese with rosehip jam.

Poached rhubarb with blue cheese

fresh rhubard
Roquefort cheese
fennel seeds
black pepper
bay leaf

Bring equal parts water and sugar to the boil, add a few fennel seeds, a peppercorn or two and a tiny bit of cardamom and a bay leaf and let it simmer for a few minutes. The spices will give the rhubarb a hint of a different taste and will make it feel less like a dessert. Cut the rhubarb in bite size pieces and add them. Slowly simmer for about ten minutes, check it during the process so it won´t overcook. Once done you can let them cool off in the liquid.

Add the cheese to the crackers and put one piece of rhubarb on each one, serve.

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