Roquefort cheese with rosehip marmalade # 3

Roquefort cheese is one of the kings of cheese and have you tried it once you´ll problaby love it forever, unless you´re a child because then you are likely to hate it. The best way to eat it is with a simple marmalade and for this I bought a really good rosehip marmalade but you can replace it with other types if you can´t find a rosehip one. For example pear, fig and apple are also great friend of the Roquefort cheese.

If you are serving a lot of tapas it can also be fun to mix it up with an unexpected dish like this one since you usually serve it after or at the end of a meal.

Roquefort cheese with rosehip marmalade

Roquefort cheese
Rosehip marmalade
Black pepper

Cut the cheese in small pieces, put a spoonful of marmalade on each piece, season with black pepper. Serve at room temperature to make sure you´ll get the best flavor.

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