"Burnt" cod with grated Kalamata olives and olive oil #161

This recipe is both simple and a bit complicated, simple that it only consists of four ingredients but complicated since you´ll need a blowtorch and spend a few days drying olives, it is still delicious so you won´t be disappointed if you decide to give it a try.

The recipe for the cod is quite simple, you cut out a piece of fresh cod loin and salt it for about one hour and then burn it using a blowtorch, this will give it a really nice slightly burnt (in a good way) taste and get the cod semi cooked. Then all you need to do is slice it.

The drying of olives is not difficult but it will take a few days, I use fresh Kalamata olives, that is only fermented olives which is way higher in taste and quality so see if you can get your hands on some of those in a good grocery store. Then I simply put them on a plate and let them dry in the oven on low heat (about 50°C / 120F). If you have a dehydrator I´m sure this will work fine to but since I don´t have one myself I really don´t know. This took me four days to dry but I only turned on the oven whenever I was at home and awake. 

Also the olives should not get dried all the way through but only enough to be able to be grated. What I did was to simply grate an olive now and then until they were dry enough. Also if I forgot to mention it, the taste is simply amazing.

"Burnt" cod with grated Kalamata olives and olive oil

fresh cod loin
sea salt
olive oil
fermented Kalamata olives, dried as described

Cut and salt the cod, leave in the fridge for one hour. Pad the cod dry with paper and then burn it using a blowtorch. Slice thin and plate. Add some olive oil and sea salt. Grate olives on top, serve.

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