Popcorn with chili butter and lime #152

Popcorn may not be your average tapas dish but I think it´s really fun way to change things up when serving some tapas before dinner or during drinks. I usually do my popcorn the traditional way but this recipe can also be made using microwave popcorn but then get some without butter flavor since you will be adding actual butter there´s no need to sabotage it with the artificial (yet sometimes tasty) flavor of fake butter.

I use cayenne pepper and some chili flakes for seasoning my butter but you can of course change it to any kind you´ll like. For the lime flavor I only use some lime zest because it gives the butter a great taste and if you were to add lime juice it´s always a risk that it will make some of the popcorn get soggy.

Popcorn with chili butter and lime

popcorn corn
vegetable oil
cayenne pepper
chili flakes
lime zest

Start with making the butter, melt butter in a pan and add the cayenne and chili flakes and turn up the heat until it´s starting to brown. Remove the butter from the heat and add the lemon zest. Season the butter with salt and taste.

Pop the popcorn in vegetable oil the normal way, as soon as they´re popped then add the butter and give the popcorn a good shake to make sure they all get a little bit of butter on them. Serve immediately.

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