Grilled onion, parnsip pure & olive oil poached egg yolk #77

This may look a bit complicated but is really quite simple to do, only tricky thing is to get the egg poached so it´s still creamy. Feel free to exchange the poached yolk for a regular soft boiled egg if you like.

Grilled onion, parsnip pure & olive oil poached egg yolk

egg yolk
olive oil
fresh onion
salt, pepper

Peel and cut the parsnip into small pieces, boil in water with a clove of garlic until completely cooked through. I used one clove of garlic for two parsnips, this give the pure a mild touch of garlic without getting to dominant. Discard the water and add a little bit of cream and blend into a smooth pure, season with salt and pepper.

Add a spoonful of olive oil into an espresso cup or coffee cup, carefully put one egg yolk into the oil add a pinch of salt and cook the yolk on low heat in the oven until almost set. I cooked my egg on 100°C / 210 F and it took about ten minutes. Easiest way is to carefully tap on the yolk with your fingertip to feel when the egg starts to set. When done remove from the heat and remove the yolk from the oil with a spoon.

Wash and split the onion in half and brush it with olive oil, grill until soft on a grill, season with salt and pepper. Arrange parsnip pure, egg yolk and the grilled onion on a plate, serve warm.

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