Borettane onions with red wine, lemon & balsamic vinegar # 79

Great on it´s own if you´re into Borettane onions but it´s also perfect as a side dish for grilled meats. You don´t have to use Borettane onions so feel free to replace it with any small onion but make sure it´s small enough to eat in one bite.

Borettane onions with red wine, lemon & balsamic vinegar

Borettane onions
red wine
balsamic vinegar
salt, pepper

Peel and wash the onions, add the onions into a pot and add wine until it´s almost covered, the add the vinegar. Use about four parts wine to one part vinegar. Bring to a slow simmer and let it reduce, when you´re getting low on liquid turn the onions so they´ll cook evenly. Keep reducing until the liquid starts to get thicker. If the onions are not cooked through by then just add some water and reduce it again. 

Remove the onions from the liquid and add some lemon peel and let simmer for a minute, season with salt, pepper and if needed a pinch of sugar. Let the sauce cool for a minute and then put the onions back and cover them with the sauce. Add some finely chopped parsley and some more lemon peel for decoration. Serve.


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