Baked egg with Pimientos de padron & Tabasco # 75

Baked egg with Pimientos de padron & Tabasco

Really simple and fun way to serve eggs, you can use all sorts of topping. I chose to go for some pimientos de padron and a healthy dose of Tabasco. You can also find a separate recipe for the pimientos de padron here.

1 egg
a few fresh pimientos de padron
Tabasco, habanero or regular depending on how hot you´ll like it
salt, pepper
olive oil

Add a few drops of olive oil in the cup and crack the egg into the cup, season with salt and black pepper.
Cook the egg on medium heat in the oven until the white has almost set. Meanwhile roast the pimientos in a frying pan on high heat until roasted on both sides, season with salt.

Take out the egg from the oven and add the pimientos and a few drops of Tabasco, serve immediately.

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