Tuna carpaccio with capers & cress #130

Making tuna carpaccio is not that hard, get some good fish, slice it thin and add whatever flavors you like. The important thing is that you get really fresh (or good frozen) fish and check with your guests before since not everybody is into eating raw fish. I serve the carpaccio with a little bit of home made mayonnaise that I think add great flavor and the extra little bit of fat goes great with the tuna. In the recipe it only says mayonnaise so either make your own or use any good bought one.

Tuna carpaccio with capers & cress

fresh tuna
black pepper
olive oil

Slice the tuna as thin as you can and plate it, do this as close to serving as you can because it tends to dry out really quickly. However if have to prepare long before serving you can brush the plate with olive oil, slice and add the tuna and then wrap the plate with cling film until serving. Using this method it can be prepared maybe two or three hours before serving.

After the tuna is on the plate add capers, mayonnaise, salt, pepper and olive oil. Serve straight away, good luck.

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