Roe on toast with cress and lemon crème fraiché #135

Good tasting roe on grilled bread with some lemon flavored crème fraiche and fresh cress to give it a bit of spice. Classic, simple, elegant and great tasting. This is very simple to make and is usually very appreciated, you can use any good tasting roe you like.

For these pictures I used lump roe wich is a really cheap one with a rough saltiness and hard pearls that pop in your mouth. It´s not the ideal roe but a great alternative when you´re on a budget. If you can afford it on your budget you can go way higher and usually the quality and taste will be adjusted with what you pay.

Roe on toast with cress and lemon crème fraiché

white bread
crème fraiché
salt, pepper

Cest the lemon and combine with the crème fraiché, season with salt and pepper and let sit for one hour to let the lemon taste develop. You can also add lemon juice if you want more acidity and lemon taste.

Slice the bread and grill, let the bread cool off and then spread the lemon crème fraiche on top, add a spoonful of roe on top and finish off with some fresh cut cress.


  1. This is fab! Your food looks very refined and delicious.
    Please come over to my blog. It would be great if you entered one of your recipes to the challenge "Let's Party!". This is perfect food suitable for entertaining. Well done!