Sliders #138

Sliders are my favourite way of serving hamburgers, you can eat many and you can put different toppings for each one. I´m starting with classic toppings so I have the opportunity to come back with more ideas for great sliders.

So this is home made buns, mayonnaise, lettuce, burger, cheese and tomato. I do know that a lot of hardcore burger eaters like their burgers with only cheese and bread but I think that gets to rich, the lettuce and tomato adds better texture and serving food with a great variety in textures and temperature almost always make it better.

For the buns I used a standard wheat dough and rolled small buns that I brushed with a little bit of egg yolk before baking them. Home made or store bought mayonnaise is up to you.


slider buns
ground beef
salt, pepper

Combine the ground beef with a little bit of water, salt and pepper and shape hamburgers. If you´re making your own buns then make them before you shape your burgers so you can make them in the same size as the buns. Also remember that the burgers will shrink a little bit when you cook them so make the burgers a little bit bigger than the bun.

Cut the buns and roast in a dry pan, fry the burgers. Dress the burger with mayonnaise and lettuce, add the burger, cheese and tomato. Good luck.

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