Tuna tartare with avocado & chives #133

Tuna tartare is a great base for a tapas or appetizer and one of the great things is that it is goes really good with lots of different flavors so you can keep it interesting and still serve it often. Make sure you get some really fresh or high quality frozen tuna, it´s worth to spend a little extra on the fish since you won´t be serving that much anyway. If it´s still over your budget then skip it and make something else. There seems to be a lot of recipe blogs out there so I´m sure you can find loads of great alternatives ;).

Tuna tartare with avocado & chives

fresh tuna
fresh avocados
fresh chives
olive oil
salt, pepper
lime juice

Finely dice the tuna and combine with olive oil, salt and pepper. Peel and dice the avocado and combine with a little bit of olive oil, lime juice, salt and pepper. Slice the chives as thin as you can. If you want to serve it looking like in my photos you´ll need a round cylinder, a cookie cutter is good. If you are serving something this way to a lot of people you can buy plastic pipes at a hardware store and saw it in smaller pieces. This may sound crazy but it will cost a fraction of for example going and buying ten cookie cutters. Just remember to clean it thoroughly before using them.

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