Lobster tail with caper aioli #131

When it comes to lobster there is no need to complicate things, you divide it in pieces and serve it with a good sauce. I bought my lobster cooked so all I did was to split it up, if you are serving it for a lot of people you can put some different part on each plate for example each claw on seperate plates and each tail split in four pieces, that way you can serve each lobster in tasty bites to six people and have a bunch of shells that you can use for soup some other time.

Lobster tail with caper aioli

cooked lobsters
oil (neutral tasting, I usually use rapeseed)
salt, pepper

Split the lobsters in bite size pieces. Blend garlic, chives and capers into a fine paste and put in a bowl together with a little bit of mustard, egg yolks and a dash of vinegar. You´re basically making a mayonnaise with some extra flavors so use the same proportions. Whisk the mix and add a little bit of oil at the time until it thickens. When it´s thick enough adjust the flavors with more capers and chives if necessary. Season with salt and pepper and lemon juice.

When you are making a sauce with strong tasting flavors like capers and garlic then start by adding just a little bit, it´s much easier to add a little bit more than to end up with an overpowering sauce.

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