Toast skagen # 33

Toast skagen

This is problaby the most common starter in Sweden and there are some variations but in a good one there´s usually only shrimps, mayonnaise, dill, lemon, salt and pepper, in supermarkets and cafés you´ll find all sorts of stuff in it so make your own.

One thing that is missing from mine is a healthy spoonful of bleak roe that you top it off with but I skipped that this time. I also grated in some fresh horseradish.

Fresh peeled shrimps
Salt, pepper

Roughly chop the shrimps and dill, add mayonnaise and combine. Season with horseradish, lemon, salt and pepper. Toast the bread, cut som wedges of lemon, put the skagen on the toast, garnish with dill and lemon.


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  2. Yesterday I prepared this toast...it was delicious! Thanks for the recipe!