Gin & Tonic Granita #140

This is probably more a drink than it is a drink but I think it´s a great way to combine the two. The idea is based on the palate cleansing granita (or granité) you sometimes may be served if you´re eating at a fine dining restaurant. Usually this is served somewhere in the middle of a long series of dishes as a little break for your senses and taste buds. Almost always the granita is high in acid and low on sugar so it´s not a dessert. Flavors that I have been offered is for example pomegranate, grapefruit, cucumber and so on.

So my idea for this is that you serve it after your regular appetizers, right before it´s time to sit down and start eating a main course, this way you´ll get some extra time to prepare, and your guests get´s an extra drink, win win.

Gin & Tonic Granita


Pour the tonic into a low freeze able container and put it in the freezer, when the tonic is completely frozen remove it from the freezer and scrape the ice with a spoon. You will get a icy snow with tonic flavor, add this to a glass (as cold as possible, freeze your glasses if you have enough space) and then pour some gin on top, add some lemon cest and serve immediately.

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