Lamb fillet with herbs, lemon & goat cheese #142

Lamb fillet is a great meat and is perfect in size for serving small, if you can´t get your hands on some fillet you can change it for a bigger piece, also the recipe goes great with beef as well.

Lamb fillet with herbs, lemon & goat cheese

lamb fillet
parsley, chives, rosemary
goat cheese (chèvre)
olive oil
salt, pepper

Chop chili's, lemon peel, garlic and herbs into a rough paste. Season the lamb with salt and pepper and fry in butter until golden and medium rare, this goes really quickly with such a small piece of meat so be careful not to overcook it. Once done roll the meat in the herb mixture and put it back in the pan for a few seconds. This will help the herbs stuck better to the meat. Then roll it in the herbs one more time. Leave to rest, meanwhile put the goat cheese on the plate and add a little bit of olive oil. Cut the lamb into bite sized pieces and plate. Serve warm, good luck.

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