Miso soup with roasted pork belly & wakame and egg #146

This may look a bit complicated but the only thing that´s hard is to wait for the pork belly to get ready. I use an instant miso soup that I season with a little bit of soy, holy basil and add dried wakame algae to. With the miso, the roasted meat and a creamy egg it´s look and taste way more unusual and complex than what it is. If you have the time you can serve this same dish with a home cooked broth made with beef or chicken stock and season it with the holy basil and soy. Try to make the pork belly a day ahead, and make more than
you´ll need because if you happen to have ready made roasted pork belly sitting in the fridge you tend to need in the end.

Miso soup with roasted pork belly & wakame and egg

fresh pork belly
instant miso soup
Japanese soy
dried wakame algae
holy basil
salt, pepper
vegetable oil

Brush the pork belly with vegetable oil and season heavily with salt and pepper. Roast in the oven on medium heat until it´s tender, this usually take somewhere between six and ten hours. Make sure to baste the meat every hour or so. Chill the meat if you are making a day ahead, otherwise leave it to cool until serving and then slice it.

Bring the instant miso to the boil with some wakame and check the flavor, season with soy and a few leafs of holy basil, set aside. Boil the eggs for about five minutes and then quickly chill and peel it. Slice the meat and serve it in a bowl with half an egg and the warm miso soup and some wakame. Chop and sprinkle a little bit of holy basil on top.

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