New Years recipe ideas for vegetarians

New Years Eve is coming up and if you haven´t decided on what to serve I have picked some of my own favorite recipes from Delicious Tapas and have some great suggestions for you! I will publish a few different menu ideas in the days leading up to New years eve and they will all have a theme of their own.

I´m starting off with New Years recipe ideas for all you vegetarians out there.

All recipes can be found in their original post that I have linked for each dish. I haven´t suggested any dessert but since I´m not that much into desserts. But if I have to recommend something I would go for any great ice cream, because who doesn´t love ice-cream?

Vegetarian New Years Menu

Appetizers - to start off the party I´m serving three different appetizers that can be eaten standing up preferably with a glass of champagne in one hand. They can of course also be served as a first starter at the table but I prefer to serve it with a drink while your guests are arriving.

Grilled parsnips with arugula and almond pesto
Green gazpacho with cream cheese crostini
Roasted red pepper and walnut dip on crostini

Main course

Beet carpaccio with deep fried capers and arugula
Lemon risotto with pickled lemon rinds and black pepper

Here you have two choices, either serve these two dishes separately or together, I quite like to serve them together because I think the beets go really well with the risotto and since you will be serving the beets cold it will be a little bit different than just roasted beets with risotto that I think most vegetarians have been served at restaurants since the start of time. You will need to serve them on separate plates or separated from each other on a big plate because otherwise the beets will color the risotto.

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