Roasted red peppers with feta cheese and parsley # 9

As simple as it is delicious, roasted peppers turn a not that special ingredient into something really great as soon as you roast it and it doesn´t matter how you do it, you can roast it in a pan, on the grill, in an oven or even using a blowtorch or putting them on the burner in case you have a gas stove. Then peel it or even leave a bit of the charred skin on an it will taste completely different.

Of course there are dishes where you want a raw pepper but for most warm or mediterranian dishes i prefer the roasted kind. For the feta cheese I always try to go for the real thing, that is Greek feta, it is by far the safest choiche, but if you have a good cheese shop around then it can be worth a shot to ask if they have any local varieties. I have had the pleasure of tasting some non Greek feta cheeses that have been of super high quality so it is worth a try. Ok, let´s make some tapas!

Roasted red peppers with feta cheese and parsley

Red peppers
Feta cheese
Olive oil
Salt, pepper

Cut the peppers in big chunks, roast the peppers in pan with olive oil, season with salt and peppar. Break the feta cheese in small pieces and put a piece of cheese on each pepper. Finish off with parsley, olive oil, salt and pepper.

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