Eggs with shrimps & dill # 10

Eggs is one my all time favorite ingredients, it can be used for so many great dishes like omelet, scramble, poached or just boiled, peeled and served with some shrimps, dill and mayonnaise like this. This is a perfect snack for buffets and in Sweden they are often part of any Christmas buffet but they are great all year round.

There is not much skill needed to make this recipe but that´s a great thing if you are preparing a full buffet or prefer to have the time to share a drink with your guest instead of being stuck in the kitchen. Get some good shrimps, buy a good mayonnaise (yes of course you can make your own but sometimes we need be thankful that there are good products to buy as well right?) and a few stalks of fresh dill. Then put it together, that´s it!

Eggs with shrimps & dill

Fresh dill
Fresh shrimps

Boil the eggs, peel and cut in half. Spread som mayonnaise on each half, top of with shrimps and fresh dill, season with salt.

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