Roasted red peppers with fuet salami # 19


Red peppers are a great vegetable that can be used for loads of great recipes, but there is one important thing that you´ll need to do at that is to roast them. Maybe not if you´re making a salad or putting them in a sandwich but as soon as you need some extra flavor or serving them warm you should always roast them. I transforms the flavor completely and it´s almost like a different vegetables. In this recipe i simple roasted them cut in pieces in a frying pan but the classic way is to roast them whole covered in a little bit of oil on high heat in the oven or on a grill. Either way, the peppers will taste great, good luck!

Roasted red peppers with fuet salami

Red peppers
Fuet salami
Salt, pepper

Cut the peppers in chunks and roast in a pan until cooked, slice the fuet. Arrange each piece of pepper with a slice of fuet and parsley, season with salt and pepper.


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